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 Lost but not forgotten coast

A poetic exploration of the Isle of Wight’s South West coastline, where coastal erosion and constant landslips have left abandoned towns and decaying holiday villages. Once home to Alfred Lord Tennyson, his poem 'Nothing Will Die' serves to highlight the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth along the coast.
This is the first film in our Lost But Not Forgotten series. Across Europe lies a multitude of hidden spaces, remote landscapes and mysterious figures that have, for years, remained unknown. Wearied by time, their stories have gone untold, until now.

Produced by The Progress Film Company, Lost But Not Forgotten shines light on a host of unique and compelling stories that share the common themes of memory, time and loss.

Lost But Not Forgotten: Episode 1 - Forgotten Coast from The Progress Film Company on Vimeo.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Aug. 6, 1809 - Oct. 6, 1892 

Nothing Will Die

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

When will the stream be aweary of flowing
Under my eye?
When will the wind be aweary of blowing
Over the sky?
When will the clouds be aweary of fleeting?
When will the heart be aweary of beating?
And nature die?
Never, oh! never, nothing will die;
The stream flows,
The wind blows,
The cloud fleets,
The heart beats,
Nothing will die.
Nothing will die;
All things will change
Thro' eternity.
'Tis the world's winter;
Autumn and summer
Are gone long ago;
Earth is dry to the centre,
But spring, a new comer,
A spring rich and strange,
Shall make the winds blow
Round and round,
Thro' and thro',
Here and there,
Till the air
And the ground
Shall be fill'd with life anew.
The world was never made;
It will change, but it will not fade.
So let the wind range;
For even and morn
Ever will be
Thro' eternity.
Nothing was born;
Nothing will die;
All things will change.
All things will die.

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  1. Nada muere si lo llevamos en el corazón...Incluso sin verle o sentirle...

    Besote guapa. Me ha encantado el poema

  2. MANUEL. Tanto el video sobre la isla de Wight como poema de Tennyson son intensos.


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